The Falkirk Cannons have received an acknowledgement of our complaint being received by the governing body and organising committee and we await their response in due course.





Today the Falkirk Cannons submitted an official complaint to Global VX following last weekends VX World Championships where we the committee feel there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed by the governing body and organising committee. The Falkirk Cannons committee called an EGM on the 17th of August to discuss the issues that were reported and witnessed by our team officials, participants and their parents during the event. We the committee would like to make all involved aware that we take the concerns raised over at the weekend extremely seriously. As we have submitted a formal complaint to the governing body and organising committee we will update all concerned once we have given them the right to respond to the concerns raised. We the committee will comment further once a response is received.

World Champion Visits the Falkirk Cannons

The Falkirk Cannons were visited by the current V2 World Champion Jack R Brown on Friday night at their weekly V2 training session at The Mariner Centre in Falkirk. Some of the cannons were lucky enough to play against Jack on Friday night. The footage from the games are now available on our youtube channel to watch. Click the link to watch all the action now!!

V5 UK Club Championships 2014

V5 UK Club Championships

The 2014 V5 UK Club Championships were held in Scunthorpe.

The Falkirk Cannons were represented by Sara Plummer (player/coach), Meghan Plummer (player/coach), Robyn Taylor, Mathew Stocks and Gavin Turnbull. The team was somewhat depleted in numbers but not in effort or enthusiasm! The team played extremely well together and put in a good performance coming third overall.

Cannons were the only team to take a quarter off the overall Champions Phoenix and only lost out on 2nd place by 5 points in their final match!!


Coach Sara Plummer Was Quoted:

“So proud of the Cannons today! You all played fab and I was really impressed with the dedication and commitment each of the players showed.

Matthew was a key player, really getting in amongst the action especially with being so young at 14! Imagine how good you will be in a few years.

Gavin you so stepped up today showing a real understanding of the tactics of the game, well done!!

Robyn, you and your catches, imagine how many points you added. The teamwork between you and Meghan was outstanding, what a pair!

As for the rest of the squad who couldn’t make it down this weekend, without your commitment, perseverance and help at training over the last few months we would not have performed as well as we did today! So pleased with the squad we have!

See you all at training on Tuesday!”

Sara Plummer Received player of the Tournament Award. Congratulation goes to Sara from all the Cannons!


We would also like to thank our travelling support as always in helping get the team down to Scunthorpe and back and for all the support!



2014 V2 World Championships

The 2014 V2 World Championships were held in Harrogate this year at Harrogate squash club. The event was sponsored by SunnyCam Video Recording Eyewear.

The Falkirk Cannons had a number of its members participating in the in all levels of the competition this year and we would like to congratulate them on their success!

Global VX Commissioner Craig Buttery “Again games were played with Honour, Integrity and Respect, again standards rose to a new level. All in all another successful World Championships bigger than last year and next year will be the Philadelphia VX Games on the 14th, 15th and 16th August which again will be bigger and better, pushing the boundaries of participation in VX with more new friendships being forged and standards raised. So to everyone involved thank you for your participation and thank you.”

Below are the V2 World Rankings for Senior, Youth and Master. Falkirk Cannons are marked in red. All in all another successful World Championships bigger than last year and next year will be the Philadelphia VX Games on the 14th, 15th and 16th August which again will be bigger and better, pushing the boundaries of participation in VX with more new friendships being forged and standards raised. So to everyone involved thank you for your participation and thank you


1st Jack R. Brown England

2nd Carl Alsop England Sponsored by C-Barz

3rd Scott Snowdon England Sponsored by C-Barz

4th Tom Hildreth England Sponsored by VX International

5th Scott MacMichael Scotland

6th Dan Raper England

7th Meghan Plummer Scotland Sponsored by VX International

8th Malingha Timothy Uganda Sponsored by Liberty Insurance

9th Liam Leckenby England

10th Matti Chasan Bergstein Denmark

11th Aaron Perry England

12th Tony Notarianni USA


1st Tom Brown England Sponsored by C-Barz

2nd Charlie Ford England

3rd Chris Hodge England

4th Will Charters Reid England

5th Robyn Taylor Scotland

6th Cameron MacIntyre Scotland

7th Aimee Caldwell Scotland

8th Meghan Davidson Scotland


1st Paul Hildreth England

2nd Conrad Broughton England

3rd Tony Nield Scotland

4th Andrew Foster England

We’re on the TV

Channel 4’s Transworld Sport were in Scotland filming The Cannons as we trained in February.  We are delighted this filming made the show that aired today at 7am today.

Trans World Sport is a Sports-related television programme produced by IMG Media in London and shown worldwide on a variety of television channels.

It is world’s longest running weekly international television sports programme and has been in continuous production every week since 5 May 1987.

Today, it is shown over 50 countries with a household reach of nearly 200 million. For over 25 years, they have endeavoured to bring not only the top names and events, but also the off-beat and esoteric stories from the world of sport.

They covered both our V2 squads and the V5 Senior and Youth squad training as well as taking some action footage at The Helix and The Falkirk Wheel. There were interviews with our two world champions Scott McMichael and Meghan Plummer as well as Head coach Gordon Archibald. Falkirk Cannons are the first UK club to get international TV coverage.

The link to see us on 4OD is as follows:

Youtube link is

We’ll be posting to Twitter and the Facebook page as soon as the footage is available




What is VX?

Perhaps the best way to learn about VX is to come long to one of our training sessions, the times and venues for which can be see here

Our sport is fast paced, fun, technical and tactical. It actively promotes good sportsmanship, FairPlay and equality. It can be played by all abilities and is one of the few sports where both genders compete on a par with each other. Dexterity and finesse are as important as strength, stamina and speed. It’s no coincidence that one of the best players in the world is a young lady player from Cannons who beat 11 young men to the world title in 2012.

There is a full and informative entry on Wikipedia here:

The 2012 Youth World Championship Video:

The 2011 Senior World Championship: