As part of the Tryst Community Sports Club, based at Carrongrange School,  Falkirk Cannons run three V5 team training sessions for Cadets, Juniors and Youths/ Seniors at the following times:

Cadets: 1730-1830 -£2.00 per session. (i.e. 12 wk block = £24)

Juniors: 1830-1930 -£2.00 per session. (i.e. 12 wk block = £24)

Youths/Seniors: 1930-2030 in Carrongrange High School -£2.00 per session.

As a club we receive many benefits from being part of the TCSC. We would kindly request that all members of our club apply for the TCSC Family membership, which is £10 per year.


On a Friday we run three V2 sessions at The Mariner Centre, Falkirk from:

Juniors: 1800-1845 -£1.50 per session.

Youths: 1800-1900 -£2.00 per session.

Seniors: 1900-2000 -£2.00 per session.

The seating area above the squash courts is a public through way. So we would kindly request that you place all valuables and non-essential items in the lockers in the dry side changing area.

Falkirk Cannons VX Club will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items.

For more information come along on the day or get in touch on our Contact Us Page

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